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Next PRCC Meeting:  Monday, February 22nd at 7 pm --> FMI: View Calendar

*** PRCC ZOOM MEETING 2/22/2021 ***

PRCC will be resuming our monthly meetings this month with our first meeting over Zoom on Monday, February 22nd at 7 pm. To receive the link to login into the meeting please RSVP by either replying to this email or sending an email to Josh at with your full name and email address. Our guest speaker this month will be political commentator Phil Harriman.




***Stay tuned for more details!!!***



Portland Republicans caucused with South Portland Republicans in South Portland at the South Portland Community Center on Saturday, February 8 from 8 AM to 11 AM.  Among the orders of business was electing delegates and alternates to the State GOP Convention, set for May 1 and 2 in Augusta.  Besides electing delegates to the State Convention, we elected our requisite number of members to the Cumberland County Committee, re-ratified our by-laws, and re-constituted ourselves as a municipal committee.  We also had Jay Allen, GOP candidate for the 1st Congressional District address the room.  Besides that, our treasury got a little bump as we took in $30, our share of the 50-50 raffle.

If you are interested in attending the State GOP Convention, there are still slots available.  Please contact Steven Scharf, Portland Delegation Chair. 



Chairman:  Josh Kelton

Vice Chairman:  vacant

Secretary:  James Roberts

Treasurer:  Peter Doyle

Finance Chair:  vacant

Program Chair:  Stuart Tisdale

Appointed Members of Exec. Team

Liaison to State Committee:  Barbara Harvey

Technology Chair:  Sue Abercrombie

Voter Enrollment Chair:  vacant

Immediate Past Chair: Peter Doyle

Portland Members of the Cumberland County Republican Committee

Elected Members:

Sue Abercrombie

Peter Doyle

Tom Elliman

Mark Kilburn

Steven Scharf

Stuart Tisdale

vacancies (8)

Ex Officio Members: 

Josh Kelton (PRCC Chair)

Barbara Harvey (State Committee member from Cumberland County)




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