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Next PRCC Meeting:  Monday, January 23, 2017 @ 7 PM at The Portland Club.  There will be no meeting in December.  --> FMI: View Calendar  


Question 2 Recount Cancelled

The recount of the votes on question 2 was cancelled on November 29, two days before it was scheduled to begin.  Thus the tax surcharge on small businesses and higher income earners will be applied.

December events

In December, members of the Portland Republican City Committee will be invited to join the Christmas party of the Cumberland County Republican Committee.  No details are available at this time.  Further information will be sent to our email list. 

Meeting on January 23, 2017

Our meeting in January will be on the 23rd.  We will begin to plan for committee elections in March. We will select a nominating committee at that time.  If you are interested in serving in one of the elective offices, or as a member of the executive committee, or as a member of the nominating committee, please come to the January meeting.

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Chairman:  Peter Doyle

Vice Chairman:  Halsey Frank

Secretary:  Linda Wyman

Treasurer:  Bill Gowen

Finance Chair:  Jim Azzola

Program Chair:  Vacant

Technology Chair:  Sue Abercrombie

Appointed Members of Exec. Team

Liaison to State Committee: Barbara Harvey

Past Chair: Jonathan Pfaff

Portland Members of the Cumberland County Republican Committee

PRCC Chair:  Peter Doyle

Sue Abercrombie

Sherri Albert

Bill Gowen (State Committee member from Cumberland County)

Barbara Harvey (State Committee member from Cumberland County)

Christopher Nelson

David Robertiello

Steven Scharf

Brandon Sodergren