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PRCC will be resuming our in-person meetings with an outdoor meeting this month, next Monday at 7 pm at 96 Mabel Street in Portland. This month we will be hearing from 3 candidates for Portland's charter Commission: Mony Hang (District 5), William Bailey (at-large), and Ian Houseal (at-large). Be sure to check your email Monday morning for an alternate meeting location if the weather does not cooperate.

Guest Speakers: 
Introductions from the Portland Press Herald - 

Mony Hang, District 5

Summit Street resident Mony Hang, 45, is not enrolled in a political party and is a real estate broker who has a degree in communication studies from West Virginia Wesleyan College. He said he is running because he loves the city. “I was not born in Maine but I am proud to call myself a Mainer. I have two young kids in the Portland school system (7th grader and a freshman). I love Portland too much to stand by and not be a part of the decision-making process.”

William Bailey, At-Large

Yale Street resident William Bailey, 52, is a Republican and a machinist who has no political experience, but is running to ensure there is a balance among the commissioners. “I believe the focus should not lean too far in any one direction. Instead we need to hear from multiple perspectives and from many voices that make up a diverse Portland community.”

Ian Houseal, At-Large

Florida Avenue resident Ian Houseal, 42, is a former city of Portland employee who has worked for the last four years as the community development director in Sanford. Houseal said he has no political affiliation. He has master’s degrees in regional planning and architecture. “As a citizen this is an opportunity to volunteer on a civic-topic, to review and discuss the guiding document for the local government.”




*****Our next happy hour will be Thursday June 10, location TBD*****



Portland Republicans held their bi-annual elections at their regular monthly meeting on March 22.  The following slate presented by the Nominating Committee in February was elected by the full committee:  Josh Kelton (Chair), Ryan McMann (Vice Chair), Peter Doyle (Treasurer), and James Roberts (Secretary).  Finance Chair and Program Chair remain vacant.  Anyone wishing to run for those offices should contact our Chair, Josh Kelton at




Chairman:  Josh Kelton

Vice Chairman:  Ryan McMann

Secretary:  James Roberts

Treasurer:  Peter Doyle

Finance Chair:  vacant

Program Chair:  vacant

Appointed Members of Exec. Team

Technology Chair:  Sue Abercrombie

Voter Enrollment Chair:  vacant

Immediate Past Chair: Peter Doyle

Portland Members of the Cumberland County Republican Committee

Elected Members:

Sue Abercrombie

Peter Doyle

Tom Elliman

Mark Kilburn

Steven Scharf

Stuart Tisdale

vacancies (8)

Ex Officio Members: 

Josh Kelton (PRCC Chair)




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