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Ballot Notes 

The 2016 Maine primary election will be held state-wide on Tuesday,  June 14. Voters will select municipal, state legislative, and Congressional candidates.

In April the proposed Portland school budget for 2016-2017 passed by a wide margin, nearly 25%.  Vote totals were 921 in favor, 558 against.  That displays a dismally small turnout along with a regrettable result.

Portland Senate and House Candidates

Mark Lockman     655 Congress Street Apt 720 Portland ME 04101
Senate District 27 includes Portland peninsula east of I-295, north through the Oakdale, Woodfords, Back Cove neighborhoods, and the area east of Forest Avenue to Morrill’s Corner and then East Deering (east of Allen Avenue).  The district also includes the Portland islands.  

Karen Usher     33 Stroudwater Street Westbrook ME 04092
Senate District 28 consists of the westside of Portland including Libbytown, Nason’s Corner, Rosemont, Stroudwater, Deering Center, Riverton and North Deering (west of Allen Avenue) neighborhoods.  It also includes the southern half of Westbrook.

Dwight E Glidden      99 Euclid Avenue Portland ME 04103
House District 36 covers the Riverton neighborhood, Riverside Drive, Warren Avenue and the area around the University of New England.

Donato G Apon     41 Pierce Avenue Portland ME 04102 
House District 37 covers the Nason's Corner, Capisic Pond, Stroudwater, and part of Libbytown neighborhoods.

Thomas J Loring      8 Guilford Court #2 Portland ME 04102
House District 38 covers the West End, St. John's Valley Street neighborhoods and the western half of the waterfront.

Peter Doyle     49 Cumberland Avenue Portland ME 04101
House District 39 covers the east end of Portland, the east half of the waterfront, downtown area and the islands.

Carol C Taylor     633 Congress Street #115 Portland ME 04101
House District 40 covers the Bayside, Parkside, and Oakdale neighborhoods.

James H Azzola     PO Box 10824 Portland ME 04104 
House District 41 covers the Rosement, Deering Center, Woodford's Corner and part of Libbytown neighborhoods.

Susan M Abercrombie     48 Malilly Road Portland ME 04103
House District 42 covers the Back Cove and East Deering neighborhoods.

Jeffrey W Langholtz     141 Virginia Street Portland ME 04103 
House District 43 covers the North Deering neighborhood in Portland and the part of Falmouth south of the turnpike spur and west of I-295.


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Chairman:  Peter Doyle

Vice Chairman:  Halsey Frank

Secretary:  Linda Wyman

Treasurer:  Bill Gowen

Finance Chair:  Jim Azzola

Program Chair:  Nathaniel Deloach

Technology Chair:  Sue Abercrombie

Appointed Members of Exec. Team

Liaison to State Committee: Barbara Harvey

Past Chair: Jonathan Pfaff

Portland Members of the Cumberland County Republican Committee

Chair:  Peter Doyle

Sue Abercrombie

Nathaniel Deloach

Tom Elliman

Halsey Frank

Bill Gowen (State Committee member from Cumberland County)

Robert Hains

Barbara Harvey (State Committee member from Cumberland County)

Elania Pfaff

Steven Scharf